Buddy Network

Are you living through a cancer experience and need extra support and friendship from someone who knows exactly what you are going through?

UCAN has recently launched its Buddy Network in partnership with NHS Grampian.

The Buddy Network allows cancer patients to seek additional support from other patients’ as their advisors, who of course have been through a similar treatment experience. This support network allows patients to seek out the answers to questions, which sometimes medical and nursing staff cannot answer, because they have not been through a similar experience. Or maybe you just want an ear to listen, outwith your family and friends? Allowing you to off-load all your concerns and ask questions without the worry about how loved ones are feeling.

You can meet your buddy for a pint at your local pub, go for a cuppa, speak over the telephone, email each other, or indeed use the Urology Care Centre as your meeting place. What ever is best for you.

We have a database of patient advisors waiting to be your Buddy!

All you have to do is:

1 – Make Contact

Linda Pennet, Care Centre Specialist Nurse, on 01224 550333 or email lpennet@nhs.net

Debbie Munro, Care Centre Specialist Nurse, on 01224 550333 or email deborahmunro@nhs.net

Lesley Simpson, Care Centre Specialist Nurse, on 01224 550333 or email lesley.simpson@nhs.net


2 – Once we have your details we will search for your Buddy, if you feel that your Buddy is a good match, we will send out a letter with your Buddy’s contact details, and then leave it up to you to establish contact.


Additionally you can also use the UCAN Centre or UCAN Forum to seek additional support.

If you have had a urological cancer and feel that you could offer friendship and compassion to a newly diagnosed cancer patient, please get in touch with Linda, Debbie or Leslie on the contact details above. We will then explain and provide more information about becoming a Buddy Advisor.


You can download a copy of the leaflet here
Please note that the buddy network is unable to offer any medical opinions, diagnosis, or treatment advice. We would therefore advise you to contact your medical practitioner.