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A new podcast, ‘N’Down to the Wire’, featuring the co-founder of the leading charity UCAN (which funded the creation of the first Urological Cancer Care Centre in Scotland), and founder of  Horizons, a social enterprise helping to transform maternal and infant care in West Africa and beyond, starting in The Gambia, where he is originally from, is being launched at the start of next month.

Dr. James N’Dow continues to play a key role in the global advancement and teaching of urological surgery through various roles including as Adjunct Secretary General at the European Association of Urology and also provides charitable services every year in the public Government hospitals and outreach childbirth facilities in The Gambia and takes fellow healthcare professionals and international partner organisations with him on these trips.

A graduate of the University of Aberdeen and now Professor of Urological Surgery at the University, James is one of seven recently appointed Deputy Lieutenants of Aberdeenshire.

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