Research Programme 3 – Delivering Support

Programme 3 – Delivering Support: Evaluation of the new Cancer Care Service and Health Awareness Programme

UCAN has made very good progress since commencement of the project in January 2008. The UCAN Care Centre was opened as planned on the 21st of January 2008 by the Health Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.  The UCAN care centre is now routinely used by staff to deliver diagnoses to new patients and provides an environment that offers support and information to patients and their families. The increasing use of the UCAN care centre and the growth of the patient to patient support network is evidence of the need for such a service in the North of Scotland.

A key part of ensuring our continued success is the evaluation of the services that we provide and the impact of our health awareness programme. This evaluation is focused on:

  • Evaluation of the UCAN Care Centre
  • Evaluation of health awareness campaign

Research Lead: Dr Sara Jane MacLennan

Research Team: Chifundo Makuta, Debbie Munro, Kate Synott, Linda Pennet, Lesley Simpson